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About us

Our Beginning

Jioré can be traced back to the first piece of jewelry my grandmother gave me.
A dainty pair of huggies, delicately engraved with an ornate design.
To some, it might not have seemed all that impressive, but I was absolutely thrilled!
They were my first pair of “big girl” earrings that she had saved for my grade school graduation. I was so endeared and overwhelmed with emotion, I’ll never forget how special and beautiful they made me feel.

I wore them every day for years and years on end- to birthdays and holidays, on vacations and first dates. I treasured them infinitely more because they came from my grandmother, a woman I deeply cherished and admired.
Wearing them made me feel like I had a piece of her with me. No matter how many miles apart or oceans between us. Those feelings never wavered, and the sentiment only grew stronger with time.

Somewhere along the way those earrings became an extension of myself, and most importantly, of my grandmother, and the bond we shared.
I became inspired by jewelry’s remarkable ability to transcend feelings into something beautiful, tangible and memorable.
I wanted people to celebrate their loved ones and the life they share together through something timeless like jewelry. This was the founding principal behind Jioré ♡

Utilizing contemporary minimalism and timeless designs, we aspire to create jewelry that emboldens self-confidence and empowers you to feel your very best.
We use industry leading practices and the highest quality materials to ensure your jewelry is made to last.

All our pieces are made of premium grade 925 sterling silver, and our signature gold vermeil is expertly crafted with an extra thick layer of genuine 18k gold over a solid sterling silver base. We never use any lead, nickel, copper or brass so our jewelry is safe on sensitive skin and will never oxidize or turn your finger green.

At Jioré, our philosophy revolves around an uncompromising commitment to provide exceptional quality, craftmanship, and customer experience.

Thanks for taking the time to read about our story, and giving us the chance to become a part of yours